100 more homestead lots in As Gonno

They made each lot smaller in order to be able to increase the number of recipients.

A redesign of a planned homestead in As Gonno will be able to add at least 100 more lots to be given away, according to Department of Public Lands Secretary Marianne Teregeyo.

She said a recent pre-proposal conference spearheaded by Department of Public Works last Tuesday yielded 100 additional lots. The catch was that each lot, which used to measure 700 square meters, will be reduced to 500 to 600 square meters each.

“For our redesign, we’ve made the lots smaller so we could accommodate about 350 or more [slots],” said Teregeyo in an interview with Saipan Tribune, adding that the current design could accommodate 280 lots.

The size reduction was questioned by a few at their meeting with DPW, but Teregeyo responded by comparing the average 400-square-meter lots in Chalan Kanoa. She said if the lots were smaller in Chalan Kanoa, “we are still good.”

Teregeyo added that the homestead in As Gonno also has the capability for a sewer system, a good addition for those lucky enough to receive a lot and build a home there.

The homestead program provides land by raffle draw to people of Northern Marianas descent who have no village lots and no means of getting one.

The last raffle draw was in early March this year; 13 applicants attended the raffle draw and received lots in Kagman.

The next raffle draw, which has yet to be announced, will focus on applicants who have been on the wait list since 1991 and 1992.

Source: Saipan Tribune

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