The Department of Public Lands is proud to announce the DPL Scholarship Essay contest for post-secondary students of Northern Mariana Descent. This scholarship opportunity is possible through the public benefit obligations of DPL Lessees. Click on the link for more info…

DPL 2021 Scholarship Essay Contest

DPL Scholarship Application Form

DPL Scholarship Essay Contest Winners

Gerald K. Crisostomo, Jr. – 1st Place | View Gerald’s Essay
Bri’Ana T. Royal – 2nd Place | View Bri’Ana’s Essay
Amea M. Reyes – 3rd Place | View Amea’s Essay
Manuel DLG Sablan – 4th Place | View Manuel’s Essay
Ainah T. Chargualaf – 6th Place | View Ainah’s Essay

John David A. Reyes – 5th Place | View John’s Essay

Rica Ann S. Delacruz – 7th Place | View Rica’s Essay

Nazalie Mirzoin – 8th Place | View Nazalie’s Essay

Vincent G. Tudela – 9th Place | View Vincent’s Essay

Tyler James Warwick – 10th Place | View Tyler’s Essay

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