Land Claims Division

The Department of Public Lands (DPL) Land Claims Division’s main goal is to settle all pending land claims in a prudent manner. The responsibility of this Division is to conduct thorough research and investigation on all claims to make sure that each claim is legitimate. The claims handled by this Division are as follows:

  1. Land Exchange
  2. Land Compensation
  3. Pre-War
  4. Agricultural Homestead Waiver
  5. Short Exchange
  6. Short Conveyance
  7. Landlocked Properties
  8. Late Claims

The vision of the Land Claims Division  is that qualifying land claims are resolved in a prudent, equitable, and timely manner.

The mission of the land Claims Division is to manage and resolve pending land claims for qualifying land owners in a prudent, equitable, and timely manner.

The Land Claims Division Staff

  • Theresa Guerrero, Director
  • Vacant, Land Claims Investigator III
  • Wence Aquino, Land Claims Investigator III
  • Anthony Tomokane, Land Claims Investigator II
  • Queenalyn Itibus, Clerk III


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