Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for the planning, homestead development, surveys and maintenance of land information functions. Land use reviews are performed for either government, commercial, or private land use request. General mapping and land research, review and certification of cadastral survey plats, and identification of public land appropriate for homestead development are among the many  duties of this Division.

The vision of the Planning Division that regularly updated plans and geospatial visualization tools are used to confirm that public lands proposed for use are unencumbered, to maintain land information, and to assess approppriateness of public land for homestead development.

The mission of the Planning Division is to provide land mapping and research support to confirm land availability, maintain land information, and to assess appropriateness of public land for homestead development.

The Planning Division Staff

  • Patricia Rasa, Director
  • Ben Torres, G.I.S Specialist III
  • Jude Dickinson, Planner II
  • Melvina Igitol, Administrative Assistant
  • Velma Reyes, Administrative Officer III
  • Jack Diaz, Surveyor III
  • Joe Aldan, Surveyor II
  • Blair Mark Ulloa, GIS Specialist I
  • Jonathan Leon Guerrero, Surveying Technician II
  • Christopher Sablan, Surveying Technician II
  • Jerome C. Delos Santos, Surveying Technician I


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