Compliance Division

The Department of Public Lands (DPL) Compliance Division plays an important role in the overall operation of the DPL. Its primary duty and responsibility is to stringently enforce and police all public lands in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Such enforcement duties includes conducting periodic site inspections of all public leases, permits, authorizations, etc., to ensure that the lessee and permittee complies with the terms and conditions of their respective agreements with DPL. Duties and Responsibilities of the Compliance Division extend to the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the Managaha Landing and User fee at Managaha Island.

The vision of the Compliance Division is that regulations are stringently enforced and violations are corrected in a timely manner when they occur in order to ensure that lessees and permittees comply with the terms and conditions of their respective agreements with DPL and that users of Managaha Island comply with relevant rules and regulations for the benefit of the people of the Commonwealth.

The mission of the Compliance Division is that leases, permit conditions, and use at Managaha Island are regularly monitored to ensure that all users of public lands are complying with requirements that benefit the people of the Commonwealth.

The Compliance Division Staff

  • Greg P. Deleon Guerrero, Director
  • James F. Fleming, Compliance Specialist III
  • Bernard A. Cabrera, Compliance Specialist III
  • Sophia DLC. Flores, Compliance Specialist I
  • Vacant, Compliance Specialist I
  • Vacant, Compliance Technician III
  • Rudy S. Kaipat, Compliance Technician II
  • Brian Deleon Guerrero, Compliance Technician I
  • Shane A. Lizama, Compliance Technician I
  • Raymond K. Sablan, Compliance Technician I

Managaha Rangers

  • Lawrence S. Pangelinan, Ranger II
  • O’Ricobert R. George, Ranger I
  • Yongwoon Choi, Ranger I
  • Peter Anthony A. Mendiola Jr. , Ranger I
  • Victoria Reyes, Ranger I


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