Homestead Division

The Homestead Division is established to provide public lands available to eligible Northern Mariana Islands residents who are without village lots and do not have the means to acquire village lots.

The Homestead Division accepts and reviews homestead applications, prepares and process homestead permits, prepare homestead progress inspection reports, issues warning notices for non-compliance and issuance of Quitclaim Deeds.

The vision of the Homestead Division is that the purposes of the CNMI Constitution and Public Law 15-02 of ensuring economic and social benefits to all persons of Northern Marianas Descent is achieved through provision of suitable homestead programs for qualifying individuals who do not have means to acquire village lots and that permitted village homesteads are properly executed and converted to Quitclaim Deeds after demonstrated compliance with permit conditions.

The mission of the Homestead Division is to provide suitable homestead programs and process homestead permits and permit conversions to ensure economic and social benefits to all persons of Northern Marianas Descent through the management and distribution of appropriately allocated public land parcels.

The Homestead Division Staff

  • Irene Torres, Director
  • Melbeina Chong, Homestead Specialist III
  • Benigno Olaitiman, Homestead Technician II
  • Joseph Javier, Homestead Technician II
  • Vacant, Homestead Technician I


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