Accounting Division

The Accounting Division is responsible for the preparation of fiscal year budgets, and the detail accounting of the financial position of the department.  The Division oversees the daily financial activities of the Department of Public Lands (DPL) and ensures that leases, permit and agricultural and grazing fees are monitored and collected on a timely manner. As necessary, billings notices are also issued to clients with arrears or delinquencies. The Accounting division works closely with the Compliance and Real Estate divisions to ensure that Lessees and Permittees are up to date with their leases, permits and are in compliance with the agreements.  The Division also ensures that single audit is performed annually in conjunction with the certified audit firms to ensure accuracy and properly remit funds to Marianas Public Land Trust (MPLT) at the end of each fiscal year.

The vision of the Accounting Division is that all leases, permits, agricultural and grazing fees are monitored and collected on a timely manner. Annual single audit findings show unqualified opinion reflecting compliant and efficient financial management systems for the Department of Public Lands to support sustainable program implementation.

The mission of the Accounting Division is to provide financial management support services for the Department of Public Lands to ensure compliant and efficient financial management systems are in place to support timely collection and ongoing monitoring of all public land leases, permits, and agricultural and grazing fees to support ongoing program implementation.

The Accounting Division Staff

  • Evelyn J. Sablan, Director
  • Emiliana M. Reyes, Accountant III
  • Luz Rabang, Accountant III
  • Vonnie Y. Sablan, Accountant II
  • Esterlita B. Camacho, Accountant I
  • Alva DLC. Flores, Accounting Technician I
  • Ketruth M. Sebangiol, Clerk I


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