DPL Rota District Office

The DPL Rota District Office Staff

  • Vacant, Director
  • Mrs. Lynda Atalig, Land Claims Investigator III
  • Mr. Seanscott Songsong, Compliance Specialist I
  • Ms. Antonia M. Manglona, Homestead Technician II

The Rota staff assists the department with the management of the CNMI Village Homesteading Program, the Rota Agricultural Homestead Program, Temporary Land Use Permits and Long Term Leases, land claims and public purpose land acquisition, conservation of natural resources and other public land uses on the island of Rota.

The CNMI Village Homesteading Program affords eligible applicants 800 to 1000 square meter lots for residential purposes. Past residential subdivisions are located in Songsong Village, Annex F, Teneto Village and Sinapalo Village. New subdivisions are located in Dugi with scenic ocean view at the northeastern end of Rota and in Finafa located in the central highlands with mountain views. Other residential subdivisions are being planned.

The Rota Agricultural Homestead Program issues 10,000 square meter lots (or 1 hectare) to eligible applicants for subsistence farming purposes. Current agricultural subdivisions are located in As Nieves, I-Chenchon, Gampapa and Dugi at the northeastern and southeastern end of Rota. Other designated subdivisions are being planned for in other locations. Subsistence crop cultivation and protection of native trees and wildlife on the homestead lot is emphasized. Additionally, homesteaders are encouraged to participate in soil and water conservation programs that pay for agricultural practices undertaken on the lot with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service through the Luta Soil and Water Conservation District.

Temporary Land Use Permits are year-to-year permits to use small parcels for temporary agricultural purposes, roadside vending, beach concession, signboards and maintenance. Long term leases involve longer terms of use and larger tracts of public land for commercial purposes; current long term public land lessees on Rota include the Rota Resort, Mobil and IT&E.

Our Rota staff will be happy to assist with any inquires relating to public land matters on the island of Rota.


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