Political Signboards

The Department of Public Lands (“DPL”) wishes to announce that it will be removing political signboards placed on public lands by those individuals or organization who have failed to secure DPL’s written permission.  Also, DPL will remove signboards that violate the conditions of the permit.

DPL has a current list of candidates that have paid for and have secured DPL’s permit to allow the placement of political signboards on public land. We know who has secured permits and who have not.  Again, DPL emphasizes that it will remove any political signboard placed on public land without a written permit or is in violation of the permit conditions.

Before placing signboards on public land, each candidate should know and understand the important provisions of their permits.  Common violations include signboards being placed on public land within less than six feet (6ft.) from the edge of any road pavement; less than 50ft. from any traffic light; placement of signboards on the western side of Beach Road which is prohibited by the permit; and signboard exceeding dimensions of 4ft. by 8ft. placed on public land.  Two 4ft. by 8ft. ply-boards connected at an angle or on top of each other is not permitted.  Only single 4ft. by 8ft. signboard is allowed.

All candidates running for office including individuals and/or individual groups who intend on placing their political signboards on public land are urged to visit the Department of Public Lands’ offices to fill-out a Political Signboard Application form and pay a one-time non-refundable $100 permit fee. Our offices are located on the following areas: Second Floor of the Joeten Dandan Commercial Building, in Saipan; San Jose Village, in Tinian, and Songsong Village in Rota. As soon as the application is paid and submitted, our office will prepare a permit that would allow this activity to be conducted on public land subject to provisions contained in the permit.

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