Managaha Island

managaha-saipan     managaha-island

A small island sheltered in a lagoon that is Saipan’s famous tourist destination. There are even some introductory scuba trails laid out in rope on the sea bed, which also make for great snorkeling sightseeing tours. You have to pay for the boat ride out, but it usually includes lunch. There are amenities out on the island. It takes about 15 minutes to walk completely around the island. It really is a great place to snorkel. Some snorkel and dive operators will offer rice or fish food to feed the fish, but this is unhealthy for both the reef and the fish and good tour operators will not do this. In addition, feeding the fish means that you will see a lot of the same kind of fish (often convict tangs), and miss out on many other colorful and interesting fish.




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