House passes bill authorizing DPL to waive homestead requirement

THE House of Representatives on Friday passed a Senate measure that will allow the Department of Public Lands to waive the requirement that a homesteader must construct a home on the homestead lot — provided, however, that the lot recipient can show that a construction permit cannot be obtained because of lack of power, water and sewer infrastructure.

Introduced by Sen. Frank Cruz, Senate Bill 20-12 now goes to the governor.

The bill will mandate DPL to convey title to the property after two years from the date the homestead permit was issued and the permittee has maintained the property in compliance with all DPL’s requirements, except that of the construction of a livable home on the lot because the building permit required under 2 CMC § 7131 was not approved due to the lack of power, water, or waste water infrastructure.

On Friday, the House also passed:

• House Bill 20-76, introduced by Rep. Joseph P. Deleon Guerrero to hold persons who damage utility lines liable for costs incurred to restore them to their original condition;

• H.B. 20-63, introduced by House Floor Leader Glenn Maratita to require test firing of all firearms as a requirement for registration of a firearm; and

• House Resolution 20-12, introduced by Rep. Jose Itibus to urge the United States Embassy in Manila to permit the reentry of six CW nurses to the CNMI who have been granted a 240-day extension to stay in the commonwealth during the processing of their CW permits by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Source: Marianas Variety

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