DPL collects $130K in past rental dues


The Department of Public Lands has gotten a company to pay up past dues worth over $100,000.

Public Lands has collected $130,000 in past due rents from Silk Road, the operator of the Saipan Country Club golf course in Chalan Kiya, Saipan.

This as part of their mission to “maximize financial returns to beneficiaries” and be “proactive in collections.”

Public Lands said they also obtained a sublease to provide access to a landlocked parcel of land that it will soon ask for a request for proposal.

“This was a key factor in coming to terms with Silk Road,” said DPL secretary Marianne Teregeyo in the statement, “because without the access road those public lands would be landlocked, making it difficult to market”.

Teregeyo, in an earlier interview, said one of the “biggest” things they were working on was to send out notices and billings to people that have not made payments utilizing public lands, which had “no benefit for the people of Northern Marianas Descent.

She said that DPL aims to collect on these accounts so at the end of the fiscal year, they can transfer the money to the Marianas Public Land Trust.

Source: Saipantribune

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