DPL awards homestead lots to 11 applicants

THE Department of Public Lands has issued homestead lots to 11 applicants, some of whom have been on the waiting list for 27 years, DPL Secretary Marian C. Teregeyo.

Of the 11 recipients, nine showed up for the awarding of lots at the DPL office in Dandan at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Teregeyo said they have a total of 50 homestead lots available for distribution. The size of the lots varies but on average they are 800 square meters.

These homestead lots are mostly in Dandan and Kagman, but one is in As Matuis.

Teregeyo said the homestead lots are from revocations or from the original recipients having surrendered their lots because they failed to build a house on them.

She said those who surrendered their lots are still eligible to receive new ones once they inform DPL that they are ready to be included in the process again.

According to Teregeyo, another lottery or distribution of lots will be held in the next two to three months.

She said they are making progress in the distribution of lots to applicants because DPL is revoking lots awarded to those who did not build a structure on their designated lots.

“They have three years to build and reside on their homestead lots. Most of the revocations involve recipients who have had their lots for over 20 years, but never built structures on them,” she said.

“They can appeal to the hearing officer within 30 days after receiving the revocation. We have two people who successfully built their homes after their lots were revoked. They were given an extension after appealing to the hearing office.”

DPL, however, needs funding for the required infrastructure before a new homestead subdivision can be opened.

There are still 2,614 homestead applicants on the waiting list, DPL said.

Source: Marianas Variety

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