Alamagan Is.

Alamagan The Northern Marianas island of Alamagan is located 146 nautical miles north from Saipan and is 4.4 square miles in area. The island’s volcano (Bandeera Peak) has a large caldera at the summit. The volcano last erupted in 1917. The west side is cut by deep gorges covered with high savanna grass. The southeast side is a steep slope of bare lava. There are deep valleys with caves. Coconut palms grow on the gradual slopes. Warm fresh water springs are located on the northern part of the west coast.

Alamagan is the home of the endangered Nightingale Reed Warbler Acrocephalus luscinia which presently can be found only here and on Saipan and possibly Aguijan .

Historically the island has been sporadically populated; as of late 2005 there were seven inhabitants on Alamagan.

Alamagan Is.

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