Monday, September 25, 2017

Job Opportunities

The Department of Public Lands operates under the CNMI Office of the Governor and is subject to the employment procedures as established by the CNMI Office of Personnel Management.

JVA No.PositionLocationOpening DateClosing DateDetails
17-232Managaha Ranger ISaipan - Compliance Division8/11/178/25/17Click Here
17-218Homestead Specialist IIISaipan - Homestead Division07/28/1708/11/17Click Here
T16-026Homestead Technician ITinian District Office07/12/1707/26/17Click Here
17-033Homestead Technician IIRota District Office06/14/1706/28/17Click Here
17-135Managaha Ranger ISaipan - Compliance Division04/24/1705/08/17Click Here
17-032Executive SecretarySaipan - Administration03/28/1704/11/17Click Here
17-083Accounting Technician ISaipan - Accounting Division03/15/1703/29/17Click Here
17-066Homestead TechnicianRota District Office02/17/1703/03/17Click Here
16-224Lease/Permit Specialist IIISaipan - Real Estate Division12/06/1612/20/16Click Here
16-182Surveying Trainee ISaipan - Planning Division9/12/169/26/16Click Here
16-177Managaha Ranger ISaipan - Compliance Division09/06/1609/20/16Click Here
16-176Compliance Technician IISaipan - Compliance Division09/06/1609/20/16Click Here
16-175Homestead Technician IISaipan-Homestead Division09/06/1609/20/16Click Here
16-170Lease/Permit Specialist IIISaipan - Real Estate Division08/18/1609/01/16Click Here
16-148Lease/Permit Technician IISaipan - Real Estate Division07/11/1607/25/16Click Here
16-146Accounting Technician ISaipan - Finance Division07/11/1607/25/16Click Here
16-137Homestead Specialist IIISaipan - Homestead Division06/23/1607/07/16Click Here
16-115Compliance Technician ISaipan - Compliance Division05/25/1606/08/16Click Here
16-108Special Assistant to SecretarySaipan - Administration05/18/1606/01/16Click Here
16-101Homestead Specialist IIISaipan - Homestead Division05/11/1605/25/16Click Here
16-097Compliance Specialist ISaipan - Compliance Division05/11/1605/25/16Click Here

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